Fees and contact info

Depending on the number of instruments you select for your ensemble, fees vary according to the table below:
                                    2 Hours                   3 Hours                 4 Hours
Solo                             $350                         $450                        TBA
Duet**                        $500                         $700                        $900
Trio**                          $750                         $1050                      $1350
Quartet**                   $1000                       $1400                      $1800
**Figures based on $250 per musician for a two hour minimum and $100/hr per musician for each full hour thereafter; add $50 per musician for an extra half hour.
For special musical requests, please let us know the songs or pieces you are interested in having played so we can confirm they work for our instrumentation. Arrangement fee for music not in our repertoire TBD based on preparation involved.
In some instances we need to add a fee to cover travel time.
Please call or email for a quote based on your individual circumstances.
707 937 3342
707 884 4827