Choice of music

We want you to have music for your wedding that is meaningful to you, and part of the service we provide includes giving you as much guidance as you need in the selection of music.

Typically, a couple will select 3 or 4 special pieces for key moments in the ceremony: music for bridesmaids and/or wedding party; processional for the bride; musical interlude during the ceremony; recessional at conclusion of ceremony. Below is a selection of pieces from our standard repertoire that work well for these key moments.  With your input as to preferred styles we can then perform from our general repertoire during the time before and after the ceremony. We can also accommodate your special requests including music outside the classical genre (popular, movie, religious, etc) as long as sheet music is available.

Most of the pieces below can be played by either our full quartet, or our trio or duo. The instrumentation for each clip is noted which gives you the opportunity to hear the difference in instrumentation and number of players. Recommended trio combinations are flute/violin/cello, violin/viola/cello, and flute/viola/cello. For a duo we recommend choosing a treble instrument (flute or violin) with a bass instrument (viola or cello) for a more balanced sound.  Recommended duo combinations are violin/cello, flute/cello, violin/viola, and flute/viola. If you are interested in a solo instrument, the pieces below that work well for solo have been asterisked. **

Renaissance music – For examples of this style click on the following tracks:

**1. All in a Garden Green– Playford – flute, violin, viola, cello

**2. The Wedding Night – Playford – flute, violin, viola, cello

Baroque music – includes the music of Bach, Telemann, Vivaldi and Pachelbel. For  examples of this style click on the following tracks:

**3. Air on a G String – Bach – flute, violin, viola, cello

**4. The Poppy – Oswald -flute, cello

**5. Giga – Oswald – flute, viola, cello

**6. Trumpet Voluntary – Clark – flute, violin, viola, cello

**7. Rondo – Mouret – flute, violin, viola, cello

**8. Largo – Vivaldi (arr. Latham) – violin, viola, cello

9. Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 – Bach (arr. Latham) – flute, violin, viola, cello

**10. Pachelbel Canon (arr. Latham) – violin, viola, cello

11. Pachelbel Canon – (arr. Latham) – flute, violin, viola, cello

**12. La Rejouissance – Handel (arr. Latham) – violin, cello

**13. Hornpipe– Handel – flute, violin, viola, cello

Classical music – includes the music of Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven. For examples of this style click on the following tracks:

**14. Alleluia Jubilate – Mozart (arr. Latham) – violin, viola, cello

15. Flute Quartet in A: first movement – Mozart – flute, violin, viola, cello

Celtic music and the music of the British Isles. For examples of this style click on the following tracks:

**16. The Bridal – Celtic traditional jig – flute, viola

**17. Carolan’s Air – Celtic traditional air – flute, violin, cello

18. Drowsy Maggie – Celtic traditional reel – flute, violin, viola, cello

Popular favorites – ragtime, waltzes, tangos broadway musicals etc. For examples of this style click on the following tracks:

19. El Relicario flute, violin, viola, cello

20. Country Club – Joplin – flute, violin, viola, cello